Fat Kids Who Can't Die

A Unity3D project that is based on sumo style combat.

Fat Kids Who Can't Die
Leap of Faith

This game was made at the Global Game Jam a 48 hour game competition. The program was written in C# using XNA. The game was meant to be deceptive so the platforms are mostly hidden from the player. The player must use their rain ability to find the platforms and escape from the Spanish inquisition.

Leap of Faith

Made for LCC 4725 using flash. This game was meant to not have a defined purpose and let the player decide their own goals.


A CS2261 Project to make a Game in C that runs on the GameBoy. This program uses metal slug sprites from various sites and music from Newgrounds. The emulator is included.

Rubik's Cube Shooter

This game was created for CS4455 it was built on the C4 game engine and programmed in C++. The game was made trying to combine the concept of a Rubik’s cube as a three dimensional space for a capture the flag game.

Rubik's Cube Shooter
Packman Drawing Program

This program was made in Processing for LCC 2700. This program was meant to allow the player to draw a level using Packman rather then have a defined win objective.

Sumo Project

The Sumo project was created for CS 3451. This program is meant to be a simulation of masses colliding and having an effect upon each other. My main contribution to this project is the AI.

Love is Blind

This is a flash program made for LCC 4720. This program was meant to convey an emotion of love, in this case through nostalgia.

Love is Blind
Oregon Trail

This game was created in Smalltalk for CS 2340. The program was meant to be a remake of Oregon Trail.


Built on the 2d slick engine this was an attempt to create a newer version of a Nanopet.



Kiosk App

This program was made in flash and was designed to offer a user a way to search through a game library. The program helps a user see what games are checked out as well as other information about the game such as ratings and a description. All data is loaded in the program using xml.

2D to 3D Processing App

This is a computer graphics program that is written to convert a drawn 2D shape to a 3D shape. My main contribution to this program is calculating the mesh, the medial axis, and any other parameters needed for the 3D model.

Store App

The store app was created for CS4400. It was designed to run off an Oracle database backend with a java front end.