CS 3451 Project 5

For Jarek Rossignac's CS3451 Class

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By(From left to right): Alex Scarlata, Richard Shemaka, and Nick Poirier

This program seems to work very differently on different computers. On some computers it renders everything just fine; on others it doesn't properly render the balls or the table which makes the game unplayable

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Sorry but there is no way to get back to the help menu once the game starts so I recreated it here to help.

First click in the window to activate it

The left mouse click controls the acceleration of the green ball

The right mouse click controls the cammera

You score a point each time an enemy ball touches the rim

The computer scores a point each time your ball touches the rim

To win, be the first to reach 10

Press '1' or '2' to start a new game with this number of enemies

Press 'b' for beginer 'n' for normal 'e' for expert

Press 'z' to toggle the enemy intelligence on/off

Press 's' to stop/continue the game

Source code: sumo AI UI engine geo2D init prim3D sumoBall

Built with Processing