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Built with Processing

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Unfortunately the program seems to be too intensive to run in a web page. Even in processing more memory needed to be allocated in order for the program to create the array that held the points for all the frames.

The four-point subdivision algorithm starts by taking all the poly loops and treating each poly loop as a point in a larger poly loop. The algorithm refines the poly loops by adding poly loops at the mid points of the existing poly loops. Next a tuck(.5) is preformed which moves the old control points in by a distance equal to half the vector from it self to the midpoint of its neighbors while the new points don't move because they are already at the midpoint of their neighbors. Last a tuck(-1) is preformed that returns the original control points back to their starting position but forces out the new points curving the shape with an outward bulge.

The animation is based off the original 8 key frames. The four-point subdivision algorithm fills in the remaining frames on a smoothed curve that connects all the key frames.